Why Sterling and Thomas?

Quite simply, we put better components and utilize more meticulous production techniques and methods in our sleep sets than the national mass-produced mattress manufacturers. Sterling and Thomas has no national advertising budget, we put our money into our products, thus offering a much better value to our customers.

How should I care for my new mattress set?

How you care for your new sleep set will directly affect mattress life. We recommend rotating and/or flipping your mattress(if it is 2-sided) every 2 weeks for the first 6 months, then once a month thereafter. And be certain to use a high quality mattress pad to protect your sleep set.

What should I look for when shopping for a new mattress?

Comfort, Support, Size, and Value

When you shop for a new sleep set you will need to determine what comfort level is right for you. Sterling and Thomas offers many different types of comfort levels from Extra Firm to Ultra Plush Pillow Top sets.


You need to find a bed that will support you and keep your spine and back in proper alignment.


There are 4 standard sizes of mattresses. Twin, Full, Queen, and King.


Value relates to price and comfort of the product, and also durability. Sterling and Thomas products are backed by a strong warranty and utilize better, more durable components than our competitors.